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About Us

Mike & Debbie Glass have been married over 34 years. They have two grown sons and have been blessed to have called Idaho home for the last 20 years. Rocky Mountain Home Watch was born with the idea of maximizing all our strengths and fulfill a need in our area. Dependable, detail-oriented, problem solvers, and dedicated; always putting clients as their top priority, are just of few of the qualities that will help them succeed in the Home Watch business.


Born and raised on a small farm in Idaho, she grew up with two sisters and they learned to work hard from a young age. Debbie learned to drive farm equipment, move pipe, use tools, fix things, and solve problems. In her teenage years, Debbie’s mother took care of disabled and elderly people, and she has always had a natural love and respect of elderly people and learned to be grateful for everything around her.

Debbie has worked numerous roles in her career, including bookkeeping, banking, housekeeping, retail, childcare, and many others. She helped start the family business (Orion Technical Solutions) and ran all the administrative aspects of the company, a large portion of the sales and marketing and the countless other tasks involved with running a small business. Debbie also just completed the Idaho Real Estate course and testing and is a licensed real estate agent.

Debbie had always had an interest in cosmetology, so in 2002 she completed Cosmetology school and has done hair part-time ever since and she enjoys making people feel beautiful and cared for. She likes to donate her skills to provide free services to those around her that don't have the means to pamper themselves as much as they should. 

Starting in 2013, Debbie worked 8 years in the Home Health & Hospice industry. She spent three years as the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator and immensely enjoyed the support her team was able to provide to patients and their families. Her Cometology skills were utilized regularly for Hospice clients and their familes who were home bound. She did many "last haircuts" for people and feels so blessed to of been a small part of comfort this brought to families. 

Then she was recruited to represent her company as the Personal Care Coordinator in an upscale Retirement Community. Debbie was beloved by her clients/families and the facility and thrived in growing the struggling program into an amazing resource for families and her clients. 

Being in this role for five years is where Debbie truly realized her capabilities and gained tremendous confidence to complete whatever task was put in front of her. This role required her to manage up to 12 CNA’s, make schedules, coordinate client’s needs with families, nurses, appointments, physical therapists, social workers and to meet the needs of 25-30 elderly clients. This job was extremely demanding, and the program ran 16-hours a day, 7 days a week. Debbie dedicated herself to her company, the facility and client/families and spent 5 years running a top-notch program. She spent the year 2020 helping keep the 135 residents of the Retirement Community safe from COVID, while being short staffed and in ever-changing and difficult situations. Debbie had to help fill shifts that were open, due to staffing issues or illness, and was on call every day. She often had to roll out of bed very early after receiving a phone to fill a shift and had 20 minutes to be to work. Debbie did it without complaint making sure everyone was taken care of and knew ultimately she was responsible to clients and families.

With the COVID restrictions, Debbie's job was even more demanding because families were not allowed in the building. Families required more help for their loved ones and Debbie and her staff became the eyes and ears for families. Debbie understood that every request no matter how small it seemed, was especially important to her clients and their families, and needed to be done in a timely manner. From making sure that client’s temperatures in their rooms were adjusted properly, phones were plugged in nightly, to the important tasks of making sure clients who could not leave their rooms continued to change their clothes, shower, eat and drink enough fluids, etc. The most important task was spending quality time with clients for companionship to help them through their anxiety and depression that everyone was experiencing during quarantine.

Debbie can manage numerous complex and challenging situations con-currently and does an amazing job at finding solutions and solving problems, as well as organizing things efficiently. She is creative, resourceful, observant and detail-oriented. She always will do whatever it takes to make sure she delivers on her promises.

Debbie is med certified, CPR certified and has extensive training with personal care. She has had transfer training (which includes assessing and safely lifting clients off the floor), and training with dementia/Alzheimer’s clients. Thriving in a crisis and staying calm is some of her best strengths. Debbie loves to work hard is excited to take on this new business of caring for people’s homes as if they were her own.


Spent nine years in the US Navy in the Nuclear Power program and continues to work as a consultant in engineering and technical roles. Mike is very strong with electrical, electronics, automation and control systems and is good at solving problems and always looking for a more efficient way to do things. This has proven extremely useful with everything from cars to boats, to campers, and homes. After teaching at a Technical College for 8 years, he along with Debbie started a technical services company (Orion Technical Solutions), in the year 2000. The company provided various technical services such as troubleshooting complex problems with industrial plants and providing high end hands-on training in automation and electrical controls areas.

During our years running Orion Technical, Mike performed the technical work and Debbie ran the administrative aspects of the company. We were competing with huge companies like Rockwell, but through hard work and determination we managed to succeed, even threw a couple of major economic downturns in that period. Starting and building Orion Technical Solutions stretched us both and taught us a lot about running a successful business. One of the top lessons we learned was that if you are honest and provide the best service possible to your customers, they will be loyal, and the business will grow and succeed.

We ran the company for over a decade and grew a strong and loyal customer base due to our emphasis on quality and our honest and fair way of doing business. In 2010, just as we were deciding to expand our growing company, we accepted a generous offer from a competitor, and for numerous life reasons, we opted to sell our company. Mike continues to work as a consultant in the energy industry, largely from home and is available to lend a hand and his expertise in the Home Watch business.