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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Home Watch?

Absentee homeowners we have your answer! Whether you are on vacation from your primary residence, own a second home, snowbirds, or have a rental property, we will ensure your property receives a thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior. The National Home Watch Association defines Home Watch as “the visual inspection of a vacant home or property looking for obvious issues.” We conduct regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) scheduled inspections, on behalf of the homeowner. 

These inspections include a visual check of the entire property including the yard, outside structures, vehicles, exterior of the home top to bottom. The interior inspection includes checking thermostat, appliances, water heater, running water in sinks, flushing toilets, looking for leaks, smells, small invaders (bugs or rodents), removing mailers and packages and making sure every window and door is secured and locked. We use a comprehensive checklist customized to your property and your needs. After the inspection you will receive a detailed report with pictures. Your personal information and house keys will be kept secure and with the upmost privacy. Please give us a call to discuss all our methods to keep your keys and information safe.

What happens when you find an issue during one of your inspections?
Rocky Mountain Home Watch will report issues big or small. We will send you a secure report by email the day of the inspection. We will also report observations or tasks completed (with pictures) to make you aware of our thoroughness in our inspection process. If we find an issue that needs immediate attention, we will call you right away while we are in your home. If we find an emergency, such as a water leak, we first stabilize the situation by:

  • Shutting off the main water valve
  • Save valuables and move to a dry place
  • Take photos and video from many angles to document damage (for insurance claims)
  • Contact homeowner and give deals and pictures and discuss the next steps
  • Owner gives instructions as to how they would like to resolve the issue
  • Home Watch Inspector documents everything with date, time, and specific details
  • Detailed report is emailed to homeowner

During your initial sign-up for our services, you be able to give us a list of preferred contractors and instructions of how to handle emergencies when they arise. Communication is key and know that we DO NOT make decisions for you. We follow exact instructions and will be your trusted partner.

How much does your service cost? Rocky Mountain Home Watch has many different programs that we can customize to fit your needs. Our prices vary depending on your location, frequency, and the size of your home. So let us sit down with you and customize a list that is specific to you. We offer per visit rates, hourly rates, service bundle discounts and prepaid discounts. It can be a small price to pay to give you "peace of mind" while you are away and prevent major repair costs.

What does RMHW being a member of the National Home Watch Association give me? It will give you complete "peace of mind" that you have chosen a company that is reputable and has been vetted by the National Home Watch Association. In highly populated vacation areas (east coast), Home Watch is big business and there are lots of shady companies out there that miss represent themselves and take advantage of homeowners. The National Home Watch Association makes sure each Home Watch company continues to comply on a yearly basis and are changing the industry of Home Watch to be the valued service that you need it to be. Below is the Code of Ethics that we pledge to uphold:

Always look out for the client’s best interest.
Always protect the best interests of the Home Watch Industry.
Always maintain proper insurance and bonding.
Always maintain current business licenses.
Always look to improve on existing industry standards.
Always be diligent when checking the references of anyone or any company that you agree to do business with.
Always think twice before speaking about competitors.
Always use honesty and integrity in your business dealings.

Please visit the National Home Watch Association Website for more details:

Are you a Home Inspector? We are not a licensed home inspector. Home inspections are conducted by a state-licensed inspector as part of the real estate sales process. They do a detailed inspection on the structure, plumbing, electrical and heating and air condition systems and write a review and submit their findings. Rocky Mountain Home Watch does “A visual inspection of your home and property looking for obvious issues”.

Are you a Property Manager? We are not a property management business. Property management services collect rent, provide lease agreement paperwork, search for or screen tenants, evict tenants, and do marketing and advertise your rental.
Fact: In Idaho you are not required to be licensed to be property manager or management company. Idaho is one of only a few states that are do not require this license.

Our Home Watch services complement Home Inspection and Property Management companies. We are your “eyes and ears” for your biggest investment, and we help bring "peace of mind" that your home is looked after like our own.

We have a neighborhood watch program, why would we need Home Watch? The definition of a Neighborhood Watch is: A crime prevention program that stresses education and common sense. It teaches citizens how to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Rocky Mountain Home Watch complements neighborhood watch programs by doing weekly or bi-weekly inspections and looking not only for evidence of vandalism, but also maintenance issues. We will keep your home in proper working order by cycling your systems and showing a presence in your home.

We have a home security system, isn’t that enough? Home security systems are not guaranteed to scare off burglars. Most alarm systems notify the monitoring company which will then notify the authorities of a possible break in, but the burglar can be in and out of your home before the authorities arrive. Professional burglars may cut the power to your home days in advance so that your alarm system is grave dead, and their presence is not detected.

A Certified Home Watch Inspector creates a regular presence in your home that can detour an invader from choosing your home as a target. We will remove flyers and packages on your doorstep, debris from your yard, and check your alarm system, and doors and windows, change lighting timers and look for any signs of tampering.

Security systems also cannot detect leaks under the sink, at the water heater, invasion of inserts or rodents, or the temperature in your home being too low or too high. All these small things can grow to be huge problems and cost you thousands of dollars, if left unattended.

  • Pocatello to Idaho Falls
  • Idaho Falls north to Island Park and West Yellowstone
  • Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Alpine and Jackson Hole

If you're unsure if we can service your location, please give us a call to discuss. We understand the need for Home Watch and so we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Call or Text: (208) 521-7724