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Key-Holder Services

Sometimes you can’t be there during service calls, renovations, repairs or deliveries. We can coordinate and monitor these situations and be there during the process, watch for issues and then secure your home when the job is done.

RMHW Key-Holder Services can be the trusted partner you need to help when you are away. It's hard to leave work and loose income to wait all day for a service call. Or imagine receiving a daily report on a repair or remodel job and know someone is making sure the job is done right. Knowing that a trusted partner is there the whole time to make sure no one is snooping or wandering in your home, leaving a mess behind, or the door unlocked. You can rest well at night knowing that your home is locked and secured daily. What an amazing sense of security this will be.

RMHW Key-Holder services ONLY comes when you call:

  • Home security system (main point of contact for local authorities)
  • Delivery of item or package (track shipment, retrieve and report)
  • Monitor remodeling project (be your eyes and ears, take pictures and report daily)
  • Meet with service provider (internet, delivery etc.)
  • Monitor repair or maintenance project
  • Owner requested visit (after a storm, power outage, assist a neighbor or relative, respond to a sensor alert)
  • Rental by Owner Services (see details below)

Rental by Owner Services

Let us be your STR or mid-term partner with the rental of your home through sites like VRBO, Airbnb and Furnished Finder. We will be the guest's main point of contact and will resolve issues as they arise.

Customized to fit your needs, we can be your trusted partner and maximize your earning potential. RMHW Rental by Owner Services include (not limited to):

  • Point of contact for guests 24/7
  • Manage the housekeeping and maintenance 
  • Create Welcome Book and other signage
  • Resolve issues as they arise and document
  • Provide input to improve photos and narrative 
  • Decorate for holidays and other seasonal tasks