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Rexburg, Idaho - Suzette W.

Oh, You Lucky People!!!

I am so happy for whoever is able to work with Debbie Glass in her new business, Rocky Mountain Home Watch. I first met Debbie, as I was plunged into the world of caring for my elderly (and extremely picky) aging mother. I was in the process of entering her into an independent living retirement center. I soon discovered that the care there was not nearly enough. I learned of a separate company within the same building that could help me with this issue. Debbie was the manager of that company. She had several employees under her. Their job was to do the “hands on work of caring” and Debbie’s job was to manage the caretakers. I found that Debbie not only did her job of managing with precision, but made certain that she had a personal relationship with every elderly person that was on her list. My mother knew that if she needed anything she could ask Debbie for that help, because it was personal.

I cannot begin to list all the hurdles she helped not only my mother with, but also me. She helped me fill out medical papers, discover government programs, understand insurances, and navigate the world of caring for an aging parent.

If you are “lucky” enough to have discovered Debbie’s new business, I highly recommend her services.