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Customized to fit your needs, we will inspect and maintain your home inside and out, and send you a detailed report. We will give you the "peace of mind" that your home is just like you left it.

You are leaving town on vacation and will be gone a few weeks. Who do you ask to watch your home, water your plants, take your trash to the street and watch for the package that will be delivered soon? Your relatives live across town, and you don’t really want to ask your neighbor. It’s a hard decision, because you know everyone is busy and you don’t want to inconvenience anyone. You also worry that someone may snoop around your home, and than makes you feel uncomfortable.

Make one phone call to Rocky Mountain Home Watch and we can be your trusted partner. We will be your eyes and ears and keep your home secure, just like you left it. Our weekly or bi-weekly inspections could also prevent a catastrophe that could cost you thousands of dollars. Also, your homeowners’ policy may deny the claim if your home is left unattended.

We will do a comprehensive inspection looking for leaks, smells, rodents and insects, and any issue that could cause a problem. Resolving these problems as soon as possible will prevent further damage. We will remove mail/flyers or debris from the porch/lawn to help show a presence at your home and hopefully deter intruders. We will stager our visits and show up on different days at different times.


You will receive a full report of our inspection plus pictures with our iAuditor app, before we leave your home. We respect your privacy and keep your information secure. Please contact us for a consultation and custom pricing.

Inspection List

Exterior of Home and Property

⦁ Check mailbox and remove flyers from front door
⦁ Walk perimeter of home (remove debris/trash from yard)
⦁ Visually inspect out buildings for obvious issues (shops, garages, and barns)
⦁ Check fencing and border walls for obvious issues
⦁ Inspect yard and flower beds for trash, weeds, downed branches


⦁ Water flowerpots & monitor landscaping (over-all health, weeds)
⦁ Perform visual inspection of walls, siding, and roof for obvious issues
⦁ Visual inspection of gutters/down spouts for drainage issues
⦁ Secure all windows and doors, inspect for vandalism and overall condition

⦁ Inspect for obvious insect infestation or pest presence
⦁ Check exterior lighting (change bulbs as needed)
⦁ Check garage doors (make sure they are closed)
⦁ Visually check pool/spa for obvious issues (add chemicals)
⦁ Start and run automobiles, motorhomes etc.

Interior of Home

⦁ Ensure security system is functioning
⦁ Check thermostat for proper mode and temperature
⦁ Check for unusual odors, mold, or mildew
⦁ Make sure all doors and windows are locked and check for obvious issues
⦁ Test fire/smoke/CO2 alarms (replace batteries as needed)
⦁ Inspect for obvious pest presence or insect infestation

⦁ Run water in sinks and shower/baths – (look under sinks for leaks)
⦁ Flush stagnant water in toilets
⦁ Run garbage disposal (keeps it from corroding and freezing up)
⦁ Check refrigerators & freezers 
⦁ Check other appliances as requested (run dishwasher & washing machine monthly)
⦁ Check lights and ceiling fans are turned off

⦁ Water indoor plants                                                                     

⦁ Check breaker box for tripped breakers and reset
⦁ Check water heater mode, look for leaks
⦁ Change air filter(s) (as needed)
⦁ Change timers on lights (and replace bulbs)
⦁ Turn OFF main water valve to protect home from water damage